Saturday, June 30, 2007

I know I slacked on Thursday and Friday, but who wants to talk about losses? or 32 year old guard? Not me. Anyway, the Sox came home yesterday and all was well in Red Sox Nation. Wake pitched great. Delcarmen got the job done. (How cute was it when Mikey went out to talk to him?). Then, Mr. Jonathan Papelbon came out to close things in the 9th in grand fashion. A K, a very long fly ball, then an extremely close play at first where it looked like got him on the replay, but, as we all know, ties go to the runner, Kenny Lofton in this case. Cinco-Ocho took exception, and had a few, er, many choice words for the umpire, until the little second baseman that could came over and pushed him away. (Thank God he didn't get tossed). He came back, hit Jerry Hairston on the hand. Regained his composure, and came back to get the K to end the game. I've watched the game twice, once in real time, once on the midnight replay, and now it's on again in the backround. One thing I do know is this. I'm starting to feel for Jonathan the way I feel for Tom. Like, that I am just so lucky to have him in my life playing for my team.

7:05 tonight, Beckett goes for 12.

Now I'm off to pack for my 2 country, four state, one providence, 1312 mile, 27 hour Sox road trip that begins on Tuesday at 6 AM.

Just because I'll know you'll miss me (although I may bring the laptop along for the ride) here's a new feature:

Where in the World is SoxGal?

Tuesday - Newfound Lake, NH
Wednesday - Newfound Lake, NH
Thurdsay - Cooperstown & Niagra Falls
Friday - Sox @ Tigers, Detroit, MI
Saturday - Sox @ Tigers, Detroit, MI
Sunday - Indians @ Blue Jays, Toronto, ON
Monday - Parts of Ontario, NY, and MA on a very long ride home.

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