Monday, June 25, 2007

A Tale of Two Aces...

As we all know, yesterday the best pitcher in the AL this year, Josh Beckett, faced off against the best pitcher in the NL, Jake Peavy. Peavy was out-dueled by Beckett, so this mornings feature is dedicated to two of the hottest pitchers in baseball (and I'm not just talking about their pitching).

Beckett: 27
Peavy: 26

Beckett: May 15, 1980
Peavy: May 31, 1981

Beckett: Righty
Peavy: Righty

Beckett: Righty
Peavy: Righty

Beckett: Spring TX
Peavy: Mobile, AL

Marital Status
Beckett: Single
Peavy: Married to Katie

Beckett: None that we know of
Peavy: Jacob Edward II and Wyatt

Draft Status
Beckett: First Round, Second Pick, by the Florida Marlins in 1999 draft
Peavy: 15th Round by the San Diego Padres

MLB Debut
Beckett: September 4, 2001
Peavy: June 22, 2002

Beckett: Blisters
Peavy: Shoulder tendenitis from over throwing / poor mechanics in the World Baseball Classic.

Legal Troubles
Beckett: None
Peavy: Was arrested outside Mobile County Airport for refusing to move his car on the way to a Goodwill Tour in the Dominican Republic. He was released on $350.00 bond. (This is not really legal trouble, but I think it's a funny story).

Career Record
Beckett: 68-46 (.596)
Peavy: 66-47 (.584)

Career ERA
Beckett: 3.77
Peavy: 3.36

Career K's
Beckett: 844
Peavy: 963

Career Batting Average
Beckett: .151 with two HR
Peavy: .164 with two HR

2007 Stats
Beckett: 11-1, 3.07 ERA, 79 K's, 1.055 WHIP
Peavy: 9-2, 2.14 ERA, 113 K's, 1.067 WHIP

They don't get much closer than these two huh?

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