Friday, February 2, 2007

Here it is, the inaugural blog entry. I’m planning to use this space to post my thoughts on the Red Sox, Patriots, Boston, pop culture, life, and whatever else I might think up. I’m hoping this will give my friends a reprieve from the massive amounts of emails that I fill their inboxes with daily, and hopefully add something insightful and worth reading.

It has been a dark two weeks here in Patriot-land, and I don’t see any chance of reprieve anytime soon. If the Colts win this weekend, we will be subjected to the anointing of Peyton Manning for the rest of the off-season. If the Bears win, well, the Patriots will still not be SB Champs for the 4th time in 6 years. Personally, I’m still pretty upset the Colts have managed to ruin one of my favorite days of the year. I love the Super Bowl. I love the game, love the commercials, love Super Bowl parties, love it all. And this year, I will be spending it wearing my “I hate Peyton Manning” shirt hiding under a rock. At least if the Colts collapse, my suffering will be eased up slightly.

In Patriots news today, Jackie MacMullan has an interesting article about Ted Johnson and his concussions.

As for the Sox, we’re still 14 days away from pitchers and catchers. While I am excited for the begining of Spring Training, I'm much more excited for April to head down to Texas for the Sox series.


Steviec15 said...

anyone else like "oh amaaaanada" as a better name for her than "Sox Gal"

...far more approrpriate dont you think?

chrismak said...

I ABSOLUTELY agree with you stevie. On another note, does anyone else find it impressive that Amanda used the word reprieve twice in the same blog?? I know I did. Anyway, keep up the good work aman-duh.