Monday, February 5, 2007

Thoughts while perusing's free agent tracker...

I cannot believe a 36 year old Jim Edmonds got 19 million dollars and a 33 year old Nomar signed for $500.000 less. We all know how I feel about Nomar.

I can't believe Shawn Estes signed a minor league deal, he's only 33, didn't he used to be good?

I have a terrible feeling Keith Foulke wins the AL Comeback Player of the Year.

I think the BoSox over paid for Julio Lugo.

I think the Red Sox, throwing around money like me with an open tab at 1:30 AM, should have signed Loretta for $3 million incase Pedroia can't hit.

With the amount pitching costs these days, and Gil Meche and his 55-44 career record and 4.65 ERA getting 5 yrs / 55 million, the Sox could have found $5 million dollars for Foulke.

Trot Nixon, RF 32 Signed Cleveland 1 yr. $3,000,000 I think I just threw up a little.

I thought Andy Pettitte was 40, not 34.

I'm very happy to see Rudy Seanez signed with the LA Dodgers. Better them than me.

I can't believe David Wells has another year in him at 43. He's only 4 years younger than my dad.

I think Kerry Wood and his one year / 1.75 milllion were a good idea by the Cubs, even if hurt elbows are tricky.

I think Roger is going to sign with the Yankees, but use the Sox to up his asking price.

I can't believe Barry Zito got 126 million and 7 years out of the Giants.

11 Days till Pitchers and Catchers!

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