Tuesday, February 6, 2007

J.D. Drew Getting Ready for the season...

Here is an interesting tidbit of J.D. Drew's off season work out / recovery plan. Quite frankly, I don't trust anyone who goes by J.D. but whose actual name is David Jonathan Drew. Is the J.D. his middle initial and last name? Was he called Jonathan as a child? These are things I need to know..and until further notice, everyone can call me J.A. (Jane Amanda).

Anyways, here is his "routine". I especially like how he has a special device in his cell phone to limit radiation.

QRS: Daily, 24 minutes on a relaxed session before bed; Apply to needed area (shoulder, knee) after workout.

Lubriflex: Supplement to enhance joint cartilage and preserve joints.

Vitatonic: Replenishes valuable nutrients.

P2R (Prepare 2 Repair): Helps mitigate shock protein response created cellularly from exercise trauma; helps cells hydrate and recover faster.

Cell phone strategy: Use of BIOpro chip and BIOpro pendant to limit radiation-induced damage to body's cells.

Hyperbaric chamber/Far-infrared sauna: Device to remove toxins from the body

...tomorrow I'm going to have my spring training preview. I hope everyone still sleeps okay tonight.

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