Monday, February 26, 2007

My apologies for the late entry this morning, I had this thing to do here, it was called...what is the word, begins with a W ends with a K. Anyway, that is done with now. I hope everyone had a vodka tonic filled weekend like I did...

Manny Ramirez decided he wanted to come to Spring Training after all. Personally, I think he found out that Papi brings a puppy to practice and decided maybe baseball isn't so bad after all.

Papelbon is the man. In reponse to the new rules on bean balls, "That’s bullshit, you know? You’re going to gain no respect from your team and we’re in the trenches together, man. If I go out there and say if my guy, Mikey Lowell or somebody like that gets hit, well, you’re damn right I’m going to come get one of their guys. I’ll go get him the very next inning. If I didn't do that I’d would get no respect form my teammates, you know? That’s just not the way the game works, they’re trying to change the game on us, man."

Curt Schilling responded to Dan Shaughnessy's column from last week on Son's of Sam Horn saying,
“Can you guys imagine if we were actually pissed at each other? This could get ugly fast? Now we'll just have to let hacks and idiots like CHB stir up something that does not exist. “I know CHB finds it hard to believe, which is understandable, but the 'gun to the head' approach was never a factor here, both sides knew this.
“I'd love to tell you I look like Gabe Kapler with my shirt off, I don't. However I weigh 243 pounds right now, which is exactly 2 pounds under what I weighed in at at seasons end last year. The clothes make me look fat.......
“Am I disappointed? Yep. Am I surprised? Nope. Is everyone but the parties involved making way too much out of this? Yep.
“. . . One of the lines CHB failed to put into the article he wrote a few weeks back was me, on the phone, calling him an asshole. He knows as sure as he's reading this right now that I think he's a giant sphincter."

The entire thing is posted in its entirety here.

Kevin Millar is trying to get the Orioles to lose their strict - Yankee like hair grooming policy.

...I think that is all for now, if I find anything exciting the rest of the day I will be sure to update!

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