Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Well, this is the 40th post here since the blog opened on February 1. I hope everyone is enjoying it so far.

As for today, there is not a whole Hell of a lot going on in the sports world. I didn't really find anything link-worthy today, so instead, you can just have my ramblings.

*I don't care if Manny doesn't report till April 1, I really don't. Just so long as he does his usual .300-40-120, I'll be happy.

*Everyone is at camp except Manny...David is having his physical as we speak. I'm excited to see him. Word is he's put on a lot of muscle over the winter.

*If you were looking for a team to give your 40 year old ass another 13 million dollars, don't you think you may show up in great shape? Curt Schilling did not think so.

*Next year I am going to spring training.

*The B's beat Toronto last night 3-0 with Tim Thomas recording his 3rd shut out of the year. They have now won 5 of 6.

*Michigan State knocked off Wisconsin last night in a very fun game. If the SEC is going to fine Vanderbilt for letting its students rush the court after it knocked of Florida, they should consider fencing in baseketball courts like hockey rinks (that sounds stupid? so is a 25,000 fine).

-Maybe I'll update more later if something exciting happens.

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