Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Random thoughts from the weekend...

After spending the majority of my weekend 1. googling "Tom Brady Bridget Baby", 2. being drunk, 3. being hungover, I have neglected the rest of the sports world. Here are some random thoughts from the weekend:

*After an exhaustive search, the San Diego Chargers hired ... Norv Turner? I guess it was his 58-82-1 career record that won them over. Also, I find it bizaree that the Bear's defensive coordinator Ron Riveria signed on to be a the linebacker's coach after being the defensive coordinator for the Bears. Maybe he's banking on this not working out. Also, after a lot of the surprise teams this year were coached by relatively unknown guys like Sean Payton and Eric Mangini, why would go to with a guy like Norv. That Alex Smith is a genius (the GM, not the QB).

*Bernie Williams hasn't reported to Yankees camp yet. (as far as MFY go, I always thought Bernie seemed like a nice guy). Oh, and A-Rod misses having sleepovers with Derek. Seriously. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

*Josh Beckett had this to say about Keith Foulke, "He was so miserable last year. He doesn't like being hurt. So, in that aspect, no, not at all [surprised]. My locker was right next to his last year. I knew he was dying inside. I think his elbow, I think his back, and his knees [were hurting him]. I think his knees were just killing him. He couldn't walk, he couldn't run. And pitching was just a pain in his butt."

*Gerald Green won the All-Star dunk contest, I missed the first round but did see his sweet over the table dunk. He seemed to be having a really good time. I have said this before, and I will say it again. I find it super annoying that Nate Robinson can miss 8198186 dunks in a row during his two minutes, then get one at the last possible minute. Just dunk the basketball already. The Herald has Dee Brown being happy that Gerald Green paid him tribute.

*Tony Dungy will be back and Dwight Feeney got tagged. Dominic Rhodes when from hanging out with Mickey Mouse to getting arrested with a DUI.

*Rob Bradford's blog has all kinds of good stuff.

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