Friday, February 23, 2007

Here are some random things from today:

1. I wasn't overly impressed with Grey's Anatomy, and I'm not buying Meredith could just wake up and be fine after being without a heart beat for over an hour.

2. This morning at work was probably the slowest of my career.

3. I am dying for it to be 4:30.

4. I just had a buffalo chicken wrap from my company cafe and it was just like Charlies. I miss college.

Onto the links...

*Eric Wilbur has a great piece about a solider / Red Sox fan.

*David Oritz just gets more and more ridiculous.

*The U of Tennessee football coach is apparently a huge tool. No spring practice should ever start before April, and the fact that the NCAA does nothing to protect its student-athletes from ridiculous amounts of practices is horrible. How can you justify starting spring practice for FOOTBALL less than 2 months after the National Championship and 7 months before the first game. Somewhere in Tennessee there are some pissed off Student Athletic Trainers. I'll tell you that much. Also, from the useless information department, Danny Ainge's nephew, Eric, is the team's QB.

*Dominic Rhodes wet himself when he got pulled over. I'm not sure what is more fun, A-Rod missing sleepovers or the RB of the Colts peeing his pants.

*Old friend Trot Nixon is going to take it easy this spring trying to rehab, and we also learn in this article that Trot has "Dirt Dog" tattooed under his bicep.

*Good luck Corey. I hope you have a great retirement. Of course, if you sign with another team, you will be dead to me. But seriously. Good luck.

*SG has a quality article on the late Dennis Johnson.

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