Friday, February 16, 2007


So, supposedly this is the from the audio that the NFL records of what goes through the coache's headsets during games. This from NE @ SD.

This is from the AOL Sports Blog...

You'll remember the infamous 4th and 11 call that probably doomed SD in the first quarter. This was the exchange that was heard "down-the-line" between Marty and Cam Cameron.

Marty: We're going for it.
Cameron: No f'ing way coach, we're kicking.
Marty: Find a play. We're going for it.
From then on it was a huge argument with cursing left and right. They had to call a time out and when Rivers came over he said, "What's going on, why aren't we kicking the field goal?"

So early in the second quarter, Marty yells into the mic, "Goddamnit, I'm so hyped up someone needs to get over here and calm me down." So the special teams coach comes over to him and talks to him and Marty says, "I was pulling into the parking lot today and I decided we were going to be aggressive. People don't think I can be aggressive but I decided driving in that we were going to be." And the ST coach says, "Coach. You can't let the outside stuff get to you."

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