Sunday, February 4, 2007

My Super Bowl Pick...

I really like the Colts today. I think that defense came together at the right time, and Peyton Manning is without a doubt the best quarterback in the NFL. You can't be a talented as Peyton and not get a ring, it just doesn't happen.
My pick: Colts - 33 Bears - 22
Manning: 28/40 350 yards 4 TD 0 INT Grossman: 10/33 173 1 TD 2 INT
(can you tell my Super Bowl squares numbers are Colts-3 Bears-2?)

So, hopefully, my reverse jinx above is enough to curse the Colts.

I got my "I hate Peyton Manning" shirt on and am ready to go.

My real pick: Colts - 23 Bears - 32 (yes, I know my numbers are improbable)

Manning: 20/38 175 2 TD 1 INT

Grossman: 22/40 275 3 TD 1 INT

Also, if Adam kicks the game winning kick, I will absolutely not get out of bed till Opening Day.

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