Thursday, February 8, 2007

Sweet 16?!

Some thoughts from the Celtics last night...

Celts scored 27 in the 1st quarter to lead 27-17, and then scored 52 the rest of the game, including 13! in a terrible 2nd quarter.

They gave up an 11th pick for Telfair? Good thing he's played 15.53 minutes last night.

I really like Gomes. Even if he is a Yankees fan (he's from CT). He led all Celtic scorers with 15.

Wally Szcezerbiak started to look good off the bench, hit a few 3's and promptly sprained his ankle. Kind of the story of the Celtics right now.

In the begining of the 4th they started throwing up 3's even though they were down 12, with 12 minutes left. Why not go to the paint and get 2.

I really don't like Scalabrine, I just don't.

Dwayne Wade is unbelieveable. He had a very quiet 30, had a ton of amazing defensive plays, and throws himself around with abandon. I feel like eventually he's going to hurt himself because he's always slamming himself into the floor. (he also maybe got the loudest applause during the introductions)

8 players on the Celtics are younger than me. 8! I feel like that is a lot.

They had a thing on the jumbo tron last night about Paul Pierce having the Non-Invasive Surgery Center named after him at Tufts, which I found kind of ironic seeing he was in the hospital last night. Just how do you infect your elbow anyway?

This is going to make me sound old, but I really don’t like all the stuff that goes on at NBA basketball games. I can do with out the swirling jumbo-tron, the throwing of shirts, the paracutes, and the dance team. Maybe my main problem is I am easily distracted.

The only blind man to climb the world's tallest mountain on all seven continents was honored last night and got a standing ovation. (the biggest of the night). It was very nice.

I had a gross nerdy married couple that were Miami Heat fans sitting in front of us, which, I usually don’t mind opposing fans, (so long as they are knowledgeable / not jerks), but these two were making out, oh, hunny, get me a beer too. And the girl had her hair in pigtail buns and was probably 25 at least. I hated them.

Miami shot 51 % from the floor. Impressive.

They had a little kid dance group called, “Da Phunk” and they were awesome. There was probably about 50 of them, and they were doing a step team like performance. I could have watched them all day.

They also had an acrobat that rode a unicycle while throwing bowls onto her head. It sounds less impressive than it acutally was.

The Celts have the NJ Nets up Friday, then the TWolves Sunday...I hope it doesn't get to 18.

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Conor said...

Oden! Oden! Oden! Oden!

I'm officially starting the "keep Pierce injured" club.