Thursday, February 22, 2007

All kinds of fun this morning (mainly because Papi came to camp yesterday and he's always good for a ridiculous quote or two.

*Curt Schilling told WEEI this morning that he would file for free agency after the season after being told by Theo yesterday that the Red Sox would not be offering him a contract before the end of Spring Training. Now, I love Curt, I really do, but I'm sick of hearing his voice. It's great that he doesn't want a raise in '08 and will be willing to play for 13 million, but its not crazy to think that the Red Sox will be hoping any one of a number of young pitchers will be ready by then to take over the 3, 4, 5 slots in the rotation, with Dice-K and Beckett (hopefully!) holding down the 1, 2. Curt also said he would not pitch for the Yankees, but I've heard that some where before.

*The Red Sox present David Ortiz with a truck yesterday, which, I guess is a gesture of, "We know you are a bargin at 13 mil, hopefully this Toyota will keep you happy", but I still find it bizarre that you would buy someone making 13 million dollars a Toyota Tundra truck. Maybe I just think that because my dad hates Toyota trucks and people who buy them (except David Ortiz of course).

David isn't surpised the Sox didn't trade Manny, "It’s hard to find a player like Manny. When you go out there, Manny’s got to be one of the best hitters in the game, no doubt about it. It’s hard to trade Manny because of his salary. It’s hard to get somebody when you trade Manny. That’s what’s been the problem…get what you deserve. Manny is still crazy I’m still babysitting him. Same thing,” Oritz

David wishes he was Japanese? “I always tell people that everyone looks the same to me in Japan,” Ortiz joked. “Which is cool, man because I wish we could be like that in the Dominican, so we can hide.”

*Manny is going to be late because he is going to a car show in Atlantic City this weekend. That and cough cough, his Mama is sick.

*J.D. Drew is going to wear 7, and DelCarmen is going to wear 17. I guess when you give someone 70 million dollars and a long term commitment you should let him wear whatever number he wants, but quite frankly, I don't think anyone other than Trot should be roaming RF wearing 7 next year. It's like showing up to your wife's funeral with your new girlfriend.

*PacMan Jones had $81,000 in a trash bag with him at a strip club where 3 people were later shot. I mean, I obviously don't have $81,000, but if I did, I imagine I wouldn't walk around with it in a trashbag. Also, I read something yesterday, but I don't remember the source, that Jones told one of the boucers he was going to kill him, and that bouncer is now paralyzed from the waste down. (he could be pretty screwed I think).

*Dwyane Wade dislocated his shoulder last night...Dr. SoxGal says he's out at least 6 weeks, although the Heat haven't said anything yet. In my four years as a make believe sports trainer, the nastiest injury I saw was a dislocated shoulder. Also, a dislocated should was the cause of the loudest scream I ever heard on a sideline. (although, in fairness, a torn ACL was close).

*Delonte West has lady friend issues, as in, she tried to slit her wrists and bit him.

*Peyton restructured his deal to save the Colts some cap space.

*This is from Sports Illustrated Magazine from the "Go Figure" section I read on the bus this morning. "2030 - Year in which injury-prone outfielder J.D. Drew will receive the final payment of his five-year, $70 million contract from the Red Sox if he misses too many games by 2010." 2030! From the time my kids are 3 all they are going to do is field baseballs and hit in a cage from the time they wake up till the time they go to bed. I'm going to make Serena and Venus Williams, Andre Agassi, and Tiger Woods' Dad, along with every other psycho parent look relaxed. My kids aren't going to have time for elementary school.

Well, that is all the news from the reputable sources like ESPN, Boston Globe and whatnot, I'll update later after I have read all my daily blogs.

Oh, one more thing, I went to Dunkin Donuts this morning, and ordered an ice coffee because I've been craving one for a while and it wasn't that cold out. And they made it with hot coffee (does anyone else know what I am taking about here?). I hate when they make it with hot coffee! It's not nearly as good and the ice all melts. They should tell you in advance that they are going to make it with hot coffee, so people can change their minds.

Actually, two more things. This one I just got courtesy of Katie P. Give credit where credit is due, that's my motto.

The Marlins won 78 games last year, with a $19.7 million payroll for a cost-per-win of $252,564 apiece.

The Red Sox won 86 games last year, with a $120 million payroll for a cost-per-win of just under $1.4 million apiece.

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