Tuesday, May 22, 2007

As the great Meatloaf once said, "2 out of 3 ain't bad"

I was an angry Red Sox fan last night. It may have been the 4 raw teas I chugged when I got home. It may have been that the Yankees tend to do that to me, it could be the fact that I have Wakefield on my fantasy team too. Mainly, I think it is that I hate watching him pitch for my real team, then I have to deal with him sucking for my fantasy team too. And it's not just the 6 runs, it's also the fact that games seem to take forever when he pitches, and that the knuckleball isn't that exciting to watch. I would much rather roll the dice (no reference to Dice-K intended) with Gabbard, Lester, or even one of the really baby babies. I'm tired of watching high knuckleballs dance their way right out to the upper deck of Yankee Stadium. (that, and I think everytime I see Tim out there I get flashbacks to a year...four years ago...didn't get out of bed for a week...don't want to talk about it).

Anyway, got Julian tonight. Hopefully he has some momentum going form his last start.

(I want Lester okay, I'm done with Wake, done with Julian...give me the lefty please).

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Ktech said...

what kind of crack rocks are you smoking? Up until the past week Timmy was in the top tier of pitchers in MLB with ERA etc. Whatever are you going to do when Lester comes and gets lit up one night?

Game 7 2003 not Timmy's fault. That rests on Mr Petey.