Thursday, May 10, 2007

Some links...

*Boston Sports Media has all the links from last nights win. Dice-K looked great and my love for Mike Lowell grows daily.

As far as the whole Barry Bonds debacle, Ortiz shouldn't be suprised where the Herald went with his steroids comments. And I think Curt was right both in what he said and apolgizing. As we know, the story is always about us.

*Dale Earnhardt Jr. is considering leaving Dale Earnhardt International because him and his stepmom can't work out a deal. Don't you think Dale Earnhardt Sr. should have had some kind of will about this?

*Roger Clemens is um, a little bitch. But you knew that already.

*Hanley Ramirez is nasty, but no one is noticing says Ethan J. Skolnick. Well Mr. Skolnick, I assure you, a small piece of my heart dies everytime he goes 4-4. Maybe people in South Florida don't notice, but I assure you, us Bostonians do. (not that that means I love Joshua any less).

*Torii "why the extra I?" Hunter made his number one web gem last night. Amandaa is going try and find some video.

*Buster Onley seems a little obsessed with the whole alcohol in the clubhouse thing. The Brewers are keeping beer in the clubhouse. There's a shock.

*A well done article on the Newbury College baseball team.

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