Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well, he's no 45 year old from Texas, but I guess he'll do...

Awesome game last night. Here are a few random thoughts because I'm too tired to put together a coherant paragraph.

*I'm very thankful that Curtis Granderson's HR didn't end up being the difference, after I jokingly cheered for him during introductions and kept singing his praises the first few innings.(he's a SoxStalker {my fantasy team} and he writes a great blog on MLB Insider on ESPN.com)

*Me and Katie were annoyingly keeping any eye on the empty owner's seats, and eventually they appeared to be filled with a tall blond and a tall dark haired gentleman with slight sideburns. We both immediately got nervous that it was Tom, so I had to go down and investigate. Alas, it was not Tom. I did find it funny thought that in the owners seats John Henry sat in the 2nd row and let his guests sit in the first. It wasn't a completely wasted trip however, because I did have a sweet seat for an inning or so.

*And on the way back up I saw Mrs. Papelbon, Mrs. Varitek and family, and Mrs. Matsuzaka, Baby Matsuzaka and their very large security guard.

*Dice-K had everything working for him last night...even some of the hard hit balls that screamed "hit" were gobbled up by the defense. Not so with the Tigers.

*When the Sox were up 3-1 it seemed that we were going to see Papelbon, but after the Sox tapped on some extra insurance making it 7-1, there didn't seem any reason not to let Dice-K finish his game. (luckily Sal isn't our manager).

*I was pretty surprised last night with how heartily Sheff was booed last night. I know there are steroid allegations, but now that they are testing with more regularity...he's still a house. And I know that he wore the pinstripes, but he said before the season that Boston was where he really wanted to play. (And he's on my fantasy team...really now guys).

Here are a few links...

*In case you haven't heard...Dice-K pitched his first complete game in the bigs...well, in our bigs.

*You know what I love about Bob Ryan? You can tell he really loves sports.

"Daisuke Matsuzaka threw a complete-game six-hitter. I just had to pound out those words one more time."

*Gordon Edes has the game story for the Globe.

*Gary Sheffield says that this is the best Sox team he's seen since he joined the Yankees in 2004.

*Edes notebook says Beckett is probably heading for the DL. I think they should get it fixed now and then they won't have to worry about it going forward.

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