Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Well...that sucked.

The absolute worst thing that could have possibly happened to the Celtics, happened. I mean, what did Portland to do to deserve Oden? And Seattle? They don't even know where they will be playing next year!! Seriously? Seriously?

Sportsguy wrote about karma yesterday (And quite frankly I'm a little concerned we haven't heard from them yet.)...I really think karma took the night off last night. The Celtics were due for something good to happen to them, and it...well it didn't.
However, one thing I want to mention is that the Celtics hired extra people to man the phones to take season ticket orders today...and (I'm just assuming this isn't usually there), a 1/2 page ad in the Globe. Do they know nothing? That is just like mapping out the victory parade before the championship win.
I've only read the Globe coverage at home, but Peter May has a good recap of last night while Bob Ryan wonders what exactly this is the curse of? A look at it from the owner's perspective comes from Shira Springer.

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