Thursday, May 3, 2007

Say it ain't so Tom

Here is thing with Tom wearing a Yankee's hat. If Tom was a full fledged Yankee's fan, it would make me unhappy, but I could understand, if maybe he didn't like a team growing up, he lives in NY, ect. My main problem is that he wears Red Sox hats too. In college, he played in one of the greatest rivalries in sports. You think he ever wore a Buckaye's hat when he was in Columbus? I don't think so. You can't have it both ways Tom. Either your with them or your with us.

Here's the Inside Track article:

Say it ain’t so, Tom!
The ever-vigilant paparazzi snapped New England
Patriots [team stats] QB/QT Tom Brady [stats] sashaying through the streets of New York City yesterday shamelessly sporting a New York Yankees cap!
Tom and his galpal, soon to be ex-Victoria’s Secret model Gisele Bundchen, were strolling hand-in-hand in the West Village when he was snapped committing the horrid topper transgression.
Red Sox [team stats] Nation was shocked and appalled and - as is our way - making excuses for the Bronx Bombers blasphemy.
“We know that Tom has an array of Red Sox caps from which to choose,” said team spokesguy Dr. Charles Steinberg. “But we fully respect that he needed to wear a suitable disguise for his own health and protection. We don’t doubt that he’s a card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation.”

Perhaps Tom was wearing the hat as a sympathy gesture. Alex Rodriguez & Co. are, after all, in last place.
But avid Brady Bunchers know this isn’t the first time No. 12 has committed the ultimate in homer heresy. We told you way back in 2003 that Tom was sporting a Pinstripes lid when our ever-vigilant spies spotted him fueling up at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Foxboro.
At the time, the excuse was that it was a gesture of solidarity with then-Yankees rookie Drew Henson, who, like Tom, is a former quarterback for the University of Michigan. Of course, that lame-o rationalization has gone by the boards now that Henson has ditched MLB for the NFL to play third-string quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.
And although Tom has sported a Sox cap on numerous occasions - including during a Super Bowl XXXVIII press conference - and he was in the Fenway stands rooting for
Josh Beckett [stats] & Co. on Opening Day, he has been busted in Bombers’ mode before. He was also, need we remind you, caught in flagrante with A-Rod at Tao in NYC, shortly after the Yankees third baseman was declared Public Enemy No. 1 for slapping Bronson Arroyo!
Of course, most of Tom’s Yankee-lovin’ has come when he’s been conveniently outside the jurisdiction. And now that the lovesick stud has semi-permanently relocated himself to the Big Apple - to be closer to Gi - he’s apparently in a New York (Yankees) state of mind!

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