Friday, May 18, 2007

First pumps for everyone...

Well, how about them Red Sox?

The Sox doubled up on the Tigers twice yesterday, beating the Tigers 2-1 in the first game, with Julian Taverez pitching a great game, going seven innings, allowing four hits and one run. Coco scored a run on a Manny RBI (both members of Sox Stalkers, not that it does me a whole hell of a lot of good), and then Okajima pitched a scoreless 8th and Papelbon K'ed the first two outs of the 9th before getting a weak grounder to Lugo for the last out. Tavarez also had a fantastic quote.

"Jonathan, we call him 'Gasolina'. This guy goes six, seven days without pitching and then he goes out there and throws 95, 96 without walking anybody. No panic with Pap. Once the game gets to the ninth inning, it's over. That's how we see it with Jonathan."

*Curt beat the Tigers 4-2 in the second game (although of course didn't get the win, because that would help my fricking fantasy team). (Confession time - I don't know too much about what happened last night because it was a very busy night with Grey's Anatomy and The Office season finales)

*Beckett is going on the DL. He is scheduled to return on May 29th against the Indians (guess who has tickets to that one?). Devern Hansack will take his start tonight against the Braves. (well, assuming that this rain stops anytime soon.) I'm in favor of him going on the DL, letting his hand heal completely, and getting this fixed rather than having to deal with it later.

*Michael Silverman says role players had a big role in the wins yesterday, with Eric Hinske making a huge catch in the 5th and having big HR in the 6th.

*Jackie MacMullan has a piece on Okajima continuing to dominate. Jackie Mac is pretty good when she isn't miserable or complaining.

"Okajima hasn't given up a run in 20 2/3 innings, has retired 56 of the last 65 batters he's faced, and has submitted a Papelbonesque ERA of 0.44."

*(is it too politically incorrect to call him Japelbon?)

*Amalie Benjamin has some Minor League notes. Says here that Kason Gabbard is going to be getting the spot start on Sunday, and also has this little tidbit.
Jon Lester is not taking it easy, that's for sure.

Instead of driving back to Boston and taking a flight to Ottawa before his start tomorrow, Lester elected to ride the bus tonight with the PawSox, a trip of about nine hours.

When Lester starts in Ottawa, he'll throw 50-55 pitches, going no more than four innings. He'll use his fastball, curveball, and changeup, though he will not be allowed to throw his cut fastball, a directive straight from Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell.

Lester said the cutter would be shelved for potentially three to four starts while he concentrates on building his pitch count back up.

This will be his first game since he suffered forearm cramping May 2.

*Is their controversy brewing in the Big Apple? Kyle Farnsworth says that the Rocket shouldn't be allowed to leave.
*Jason Giambi thinks the MLB should issue an apology for the steriods. "I was wrong for doing that stuff. ... What we should have done a long time ago was stand up -- players, ownership, everybody -- and said, 'We made a mistake.' "

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