Friday, May 4, 2007

The word "tired" doesn't really describe my current state. "Exhaustion" is closer, but I'd say I'm some point past there as well. "Corpse" is probably the closest thing to how I feel this morning.

I went to see the Sox beat the A's on Wednesday and the Mariner's on Thursday. Here are some quick thoughts:

*Beckett looked great Wednesday (well, I mean, he always looks great).

*I needed Manny to break out, both for my real team and my fantasy team.

*I think Dice-K next year will be Beckett this year. There is going to be an adjustment period.

*Unless your name is Okajima, then, you just dominate. (My favorite nickname I have heard so far, from the comments on Surviving Grady, is Japelbon. Very politically incorrect, and pretty awesome)

*I am falling more in love with Mike Lowell by the minute, I loved his little shuffle step against the A's when he popped the ball out at second, I loved his quote after he hurt Piazza, "What, was I supposed to give him a hug?", I love his .327 batting average, and I love that he got a new glove (even though the same one that gave him the 8 errors this season gave him 6 all of last year...he believes in Karma too).

*I was kind of bummed that I didn't get to see Papelbon last night, even though JC did a good job. After me complaining about how much he sucks for a 1/2 hour when he was warming up.

*Look at Wily Mo starting to swing the bat better and better.

*I thought for sure Papi's first game winning hit of the year would be last night. I feel as though his .317 AVG is a quiet .317.

*Coco made some great grabs the past two nights.

*Lester's forearm cramp doesn't appear to be any big deal. If his next start goes as planned, he's next scheduled to pitch in the Future's Game on Saturday night, the 12th at Fenway. I think all tickets are 10 dollars and its general admission. Maybe we should go?


Katie said...

way to steal my dice k will be next year's beckett theory

Anonymous said...

you are so tired because you have been lacking distraction at work :)