Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ugh. This rainy, shitty morning perfectly amplified my mood. First of all, I can no longer get out of my bed in the morning. (I am actually thinking of taking off my featherbed to make my bed less comfortable), then, I do the good old 50 yard dash to the bus (which, at very least, ammused my bus drive), then, I get to work a full 1/2 hour early (which is not a bad thing, except its an unpaid 1/2 hour spent in this god forsaken cube), I head over to Dunkin Donuts for an ice coffee, find 37 people in front of me, and end up settleing for a Metro ice coffee and corn muffin which are not nearly as satisfying. But of course, none of these things are the real reason I am in a terrible mood this morning, the real reason I am in a bad mood is this.

Jonathan Papelbon is human after all. I know deep down I knew it all along, but with every blown save, a certian sense of smugness is lost. For example, I liked reminding all those Yankees fans out there of the pretty ERA that looked something like this, 0.00. I mean, that is a good looking ERA right there. A 1.74 ERA is good too, just not quite as pretty.

Tell me those pictures don't hurt your heart a little...

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