Friday, May 25, 2007

Not much to talk about with no game last night. The Sox are in Dallas (bored, I'd imagine), and Dice-K is on the hill tonight. Everyone have a good weekend. I'll check in if anything big happens this weekend, otherwise, see you Tuesday.

Go Senators!

*LeBron almost beat the Pistons again. He takes the shot in game 1 and gets the foul call in game 2, this whole series could be different. Or, so I've been told. Haven't actually watched one minute.

*Youk is great.

*Sean McAdam says the Sox have three weaknesses...J.D. Drew, the bullpen, and CF.

*Did A-Rod apologize to Pedroia? Does anyone care?

*John Smoltz got his 200th and denied Tom Glavine the chance to move closer to 300.

*NFL security is offering to help Virginia in the Vick dog fighting case.

*Things got fiesty in Florida last night between the Marlins and Phillies.

*Jeter passed Joe Dimaggio on the all time Yankee hit list. That's crazy.

*Josh Hancock's dad is suing the restaurant that he says, "overserved" his son. I don't think it's the bar's fault, I think it's Josh's fault, but I'm sure his dad is angry and I really can't blame him here.

*I can't believe Nick Saban did something scummy. That seems so unlike him.

*Brett Myers hurt his shoulder last night. Karma's a bitch.

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