Wednesday, May 30, 2007


*Someone is going to be in the dog house.

*Trot Nixon deserves the tip of a dirty hat. The only other time I've heard applause that loud was when the Sox came back against the Yankees and Okajima got the save earlier in the year. It was awesome.

*The Sox right now, it appears, can do no wrong. Josh Beckett came back from his 15 days on the DL and got his MLB leading 8th victory.

*Roger Clemens will not make his first start against the Sox, and the Red Sox are skipping Tavarez's start to align their rotation against the Yanks. It will be Wang and Wake Friday, Moose and Schill Saturday, and Andy and Joshua on Sunday. Tavarez's next start will be against the A's on Monday, with Matsuzaka taking the ball the following day. (Also in there it says Ortiz took BP yesterday, but his hammy is still bothering him.)

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Katie said...

i feel as though you need to do a full report on monday evening. i was expecting more from you.