Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh I love that dirty water...

Went to the game yesterday. Sometimes I swear you just know something good is going to happen. After standing behind home plate for most of the game, and my 13 year old cousin Ty decided to sneak down to the good seats. We ended up getting to 5 rows back for the whole 9th. It was unbelievable. In an inning where you needed everything to go right, we got everything to go right. I still have no idea why you would take Jeremy Guthrie out in that situation...he had only thrown 91 pitches! (but, thanks anyway Orioles, a good time as always). As for Josh, nothing worse than being at the game when something happens like your starter getting taken out early and having no idea what is going on.

*Also, a note to the media that seems to be annoying Mr. Ortiz. I want to make it clear right now, you make David unhappy or put him an a bad light, I will hunt you down, and I will hurt you, then, I will burn your house down. Okay? Just want to make sure we are on the same page here.

::looking cross-eyed at the headline writer for the Herald::

*The Lefty Nate Robertson (3-2, 3.43 ERA) against Dice-K (4-3, 4.80 ERA) tonight. And I will be in attendence.

*Katie pointed out that Rob Bradford is so my new baseball boyfriend. So, if you aren't reading his blog...well, you should be.

*Dan Roche, the genius behind the cookie contest, has this fun tidbit in his blog,

"Finally, I love what we heard coming from the clubhouse after the game. Josh Beckett says he turned to Tim Wakefield and they both said they were going to win the game early in the 9th. Meanwhile, Jonathan Papelbon told us on "Red Sox This Week" that he said to clubhouse attendant Pookie Jackson in the 5th inning, "I bet you 100-dollars we come back and win this thing". He was right on."

*Lots of good stuff from the other Sox bloggers out there...Chad Finn, Papel-Blog, Soxaholix, and Seth.

*I know this happened a bit ago, but could there be a tougher guy than Roy Halladay? He got his appendix out just after pitching a game? That is just crazy. Hallady out 4-6, Ryan out for the long till the firesale JP?

*Debbie Clemens sells jackets...tacky, hideous jackets. Horrific even. I'll say it now sports gods. Roger injures something seriously or gives up 8+ run in the first inning and has to be taken out by Joe in his first start at Fenway, I will buy one of those horrible, disgusting jackets and wear it over my Red Sox garb to a game.

*Jim Leyland says that if the All-Star game was played today then Josh would be his starter.

*Brett Farve asked for a trade after the draft, then changed his mind. What? He wanted Randy?

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