Monday, May 21, 2007

So long Atlanta, hello Big Apple.

Hello MFY, so we meet again. It’s nearly June and the Red Sox are (get ready, breathe in, breathe out) 10 and a half games up on the 2nd place Yankees and Orioles, and…drum roll please, only 1 and one half game out of last place. See Devil Rays fans (all 3 of you), there is hope for you yet!

Anyway, two months in and heading into the 3rd Yankees series of the season…here are some of my thoughts:

*I don’t want Karma to take this the wrong way, but it almost seems like it’s going too easy. I mean, I’m a Boston fan, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. (all while hoping it doesn’t).

*Dr. Charles Steinberg is really responsible for Papelbon having “Shipping up to Boston” play when he gets to the mound? And here I was so excited that he loves that song. (and another thing, I hate people called doctor that aren’t actually the people you want working on you when you drop from a heart attack or something…If I ever get a doctorate of History or something, I am not having people call me doctor...).

*Who would have thought that the two players in the biggest slump after two months would have been the corner outfielders? I have full faith that Manny is going to come around. As for Mr. Drew, he best get his little bat going or he’s going to start hearing something from the crowd…and they aren’t saying, “Moovers”. He has gotten a free pass thus far because the team has been winning…wait for the first home sweep Mr. Drew when your 0-4 just won’t be cutting it.

*I picked up Coco for the Sox Stalkers. I know, I know…it’s going to get ugly.

*Mr. Varitek is swinging the bat quite nicely lately wouldn’t you say?

*Lugo hasn’t quite won me over yet. I’m not saying he won’t, I’m just saying he hasn’t.

*I’m looking forward to Roger leaving a game after 2 and a third and 6 runs with “tightness” in his groin or some other wussy injury. Are you sure the problem isn’t the stick you have up your ass?

*The thought of Mike Timlin coming out when it matters makes me very nervous.

*Brendan Donnelly is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Which one are you going to get?

*Lester pitched 3 innings of one hit ball the other day in Ottawa....(yes, Chris / Steve / Conor…I love Canada).

*After seeing Kason do well, having Kyle Snyder pitching well, and knowing Lester is waiting in the wings, I just want to remind Theo…”You can NEVER have too much pitching. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH PITCHING”.

*I miss Alex Gonzalez. I just do.

*Eric Hinske is a great time. How about he was AL Rookie of the Year. And now he’s a 4th outfielder. Well actually tied for 4th outfielder with Wily MO.

*Mike Lowell is simply en fuego. Not to mention so handsome.

*The more I see of Kason Gabbard, the more I like him. I want to know what the logic was going with Jason with a K. Think we can get Tina on this one?

*I absolutely have a crush on John Farrell. I was telling my mom why I love him yesterday at lunch, and she goes, “Wait, who are you talking about? That older guy on the TV? All the Red Sox to choose from and you love him?” I mean, I love all the Red Sox. But, any man that has my pitching staff in first in most categories is going to get my love…that’s all I have to say. (if Katie can have a crush on John Fox…John Farrell is open game.)

*Dice-K hasn’t walked anyone in the past two starts…and he’s pitched 9 and 8 innings, respectively. Giddy-up.

*I’m sure even Theo is surprised how great Okajima is.

*Three players on the MFY seem remotely interested right now, some guy who used to have long hair that plays center that will not be referred to by name, Posada, and Jeter.

*How many more saves does Mo have in that arm? More importantly, how many blown saves against the Red Sox does he have left?

*I really can’t believe how unlucky a team can be with all the come backers and broken bones and pulled muscles and whatnot…As Basegirl said today, “I think Marianne might be right when she said that Mystique and Aura have been replaced by Karma. And Karma's a bitch.” Karma, if you could do me a favor and save one more come backer for this older fellow, he’ll be wearing 22, you could probably find him making out with Andy Pettitte before the game, maybe shooting some HGH into his ass. You know, if you don’t mind. Otherwise, just keep up what you are doing. Thanks again!

*One non-MFY related word…The whole fate of the Celtics franchise for the next 10 years rest on the shoulders of Tommy Heinsohn and a bucket full of ping pong balls. (Also, if we get #2, take Durant, and then trade him, I’m burning down the Fleet Center…Take note of that Mr. Ainge).

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